• B2B companies may not necessarily create the next iPod or TiVo, but with the right amount of focus and dedication, they can still create word of mouth that gives them an edge over competitors.

Statistics show that email reaches three times more people than Facebook and Twitter combined. Social media marketing is important, and becoming even more so every day, but it is NOT taking the place of email marketing any time soon

The cornerstone of B2B marketing are email marketing and content. It’s important to have a clear strategy on how to write content that speaks to your customers and build and maintain an emailing list of quality prospective customers.

Marketing is important for both B2C and B2B businesses. Some marketers think that B2B relies only on face-to-face meetings and selling directly to a client list. With how connected we always are, your prospective clients are waiting for your online efforts.
Usually, B2C businesses can escape with light-hearted, fun social media posts, but B2B businesses need to use social media to share valuable industry content because trust is and will be its main currency.

With the internet and social media constantly changing, this depends on variables such as the time and effort you’re putting into your digital channels marketing management, your budget, your audience, your strategy, and if you’re going to use paid media or not.
It’s important to remember that B2B marketing is a long race and not a sprint.

Two big mistakes we commonly see are inconsistency where companies don’t post regularly and the other mistake is using social media as a megaphone for announcements and nothing more.
B2B needs engaging in discussions that will make your audience want to click or like or share and in the long run convert to buyers

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways for a business to reach customers directly. You’re reaching directly to a person’s inbox, where they definitely will see it! Even if they don’t open it, they will see the subject line and your company’s name each time you send an email, so you’re always communicating directly with your customers.


WebDesignerVip is a B2B marketing agency. We form scientific and results-driven marketing campaigns that help B2B organizations improve their sales pipelines. We find growth opportunities for out clients and help them attract and retain prospective clients.

As a B2B marketing agency, we drive growth with content marketing, automation and sales nurturing, social media, advertising & PPC, website design, retargeting, and other foundational B2B marketing strategies.

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